Algarve Pro Racing Team

Since 2010 Stewart and Samantha Cox have been running Algarve Pro Racing Team. They have used Stewart's 10 years of Formula 1 and A1GP experience and their passion for racing to create a professional team that offers a first class service with an experienced crew who know how to deliver results. They manage to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and safety which makes Algarve Pro Racing Team a top choice for every pro, semi-pro and gentleman racing driver.

Since 2010 the team has been on the podium in several racing series. Amongst others they have entered in the Mégane Trophy, ELMS LMPC Challenge and the Supercar Challenge.

The team is probably most known for it's well organised test sessions in Portugal and Spain; private test-sessions at top racing facilities where all sorts of racing drivers can enjoy big amounts of tracktime while maximising on track performance together with Algarve Pro Racing's engineers and coaches. Their cost-effective approach has attracted drivers from all over the world and keeps proving itself time after time.


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