Not everyone knows
Role: Racing Driver
Nationality: Italian
Date of bitrh: April 11th, 1990
Martial status: Single
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 76 Kg

Father pilot
My father Gianluca is a Ferrari pilot in the long lasting international races. He transmitted his passion to me. I remember when I was a child, the first times in the boxes, the appeal of the technical elements smoking because of the heat, like the brake disks. Often we run on the same Sunday on different racetracks, but we always keep in touch. And than, on Sunday evening at dinner, big discussion and tales.

When I was a teenager I suffered some physical problems due to the too fast growth in height. First one knee, then the other one which gave me lot of problems, it was so bad that I had to go on crutches. Now everything is OK but it was after that period that I approached the race world. The idea to race came to me by chance, maybe also thanks to the passion that my father handed down to me.

Well, ours is a really passionate family! My brother Giorgio, 4 years younger than me, is a pilot too. He raced Formula Abarth and he now pushes to stand out in the GT world. We are different in nature: I am more calm while he is more restless, I am very messy while he is so tidy. But we go on very well ! I’m sure he will succeed, he is so talented !

My helmet is very simple. I didn’t want to have anything like those psychedelic graphics which are very fashionable nowadays. I wanted to have something representing me and being essential in style. I remember one evening my father and me, sat on a table with a white paper in front of us , we studied the graphics and so my helmet was born!

Number 90
On the helmet, practically since ever, I have a graphic logo with the number 90. It was the number of my grandfather when he ran in motorboat race. It's my grandfather you passed the passion to my father, who than gave the start-up to this beautiful history of motors in my family. I will always carry the number 90 with me. Furthermore, Iately I let put it also on the car.

It's simple to say that Spa and the Mugello are fantastic, but one of my favourite racetracks is Monza. It's a fascinating challenge, because theoretically it is a simple racetrack but it is actually very difficult. With all those straights it is fundamental to face the bends very well. A challenge of precision, especially for those who like the clean driving like me.

If I must have a funny evening, I prefer the restaurant with friends instead of the disco. I like eating well, my diet permitting. My favourite pit stop is in occasion with the transfer of Mugello. One good "Florentine" steak with potatoes.



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