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Selected by the ACO, the FIA and IMSA as one of the four LMP2 chassis manufacturers meeting the new regulations of the category that will come into force in 2017, Onroak Automotive has conceived a brand new chassis which builds on its experience in the category, all the while optimising the new regulations.

Onroak Automotive has given its new sport-prototype the name of Ligier JS P217: “JS”, in continuation of the models built by Guy Ligier whose name included the initials of his late friend Jo Schlesser, and “P217” in reference to the LMP2 category and the year 2017.
During the conception of the Ligier JS P217, Onroak Automotive’s design office and their technical partners paid particular attention to the following points:
  • The air supply of the engine radiators
  • Cooling of the front and rear brakes
  • Aerodynamic efficiency and finesse
  • Managing the weight for an optimised mechanical distribution
  • Mechanical efficiency of the front and rear axles
  • Driver comfort, space, ergonomics and visibility, while integrating the new security rules
  • Cockpit air-conditioning system
  • LMP1 style power steering
  • Electric wing mirrors and rear camera as an optional extra
  • Speed of tyre change (new axle, nut, rim)
  • Accessibility of the mechanics at the front of the monocoque
  • Simplicity of the transition from the Sprint to the Le Mans version
  • Limited number of bodywork pieces


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